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Corporate & Trade Show Magic

Entertaining clients or VIPs?  Building sales meeting excitement? Rewarding high performers?  Driving traffic to your trade show booth?  Corporate magic provides what you need.


Trade Show Magic

Magic is a proven draw for increasing traffic to your booth.  Kristoff brings in the guests, hits the buzz words and high-points of your products or services and turns them over to the sales personnel.  Magic keeps the prospects from walking to the next exhibitor while waiting for sales staff to close the deal.  

Proven Results

Kristoff was a tremendous success at our trade event (2018) in New Orleans.  We produce and market a line of Italian products under the MamaMancini’s Brand name.
Our customers are supermarket chain buyers and they were delighted with Kristoff’s tricks and he was very helpful in our potentially landing a lot of new business.  HIs tricks were fantastic and his banter and ability to size up the personalities of our guests was excellent.  We recommend him totally and feel free to contact me for further information.

 -- Carl Wolf, CEO MamaMancini’s Holdings, Inc.


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Client & Meeting Entertainment

When recognizing your clients or high caliber performers, or punching up the excitement at a sales meeting, Kristoff adds a comedic magic touch to the event with strolling magic or a stage performance.  Make your cocktail hours or awards ceremonies special!