Strolling Close Up Magic, Parlour Magic, Videos

Strolling Close Up Magic

Strolling close up magic is ideal for a variety of events and venues.  It works particularly well where there is less structure for the event, and Kristoff wanders among the guests, performing short sets for small groups of people standing, seated at tables, or around high top tables.  Stationary close up magic also works well from behind the bar or at a fixed location where guests can stop by and be entertained for longer sets.


Parlor Magic

Parlor Magic works everywhere from a formal dining room or conference room to a backyard pool party.  Kristoff provides a 30 minute to one hour performance for all the guests at once.  He provides lots of comedic audience participation and astounding magic.



Stage Magic

Kristoff's stage magic performances can cover a room of 40 people to 300.  These shows are funny, with lots of humorous audience participation and opportunity to single out special guests of honor.  




Magic onboard the super yacht, Starfire, off Monaco before the Grand Prix.

Keep your eye on the dollar bill and the Starbucks cup -- she was SO sure she busted me.

A magic hole in the Internet!